Secret Binary Option Trading Strategy with 90% win Rate

some people say that there is no holly-grail when it comes to binary option trading Which is partially true. There are so many trading strategies available online but have you ever asked yourself does it work or not?

You go to google and search for the best binary option strategy and found some garbage and go to your trading platform and lose your money. But, There are some secret trading systems that are only available to pro traders who are silently making a killing everyday and they do not want to share it to public. I have discussed with so many pro binary option traders and cameup with some greatest trading system in the planet. Today i am going to share one of them.It is called band bounce pullback

chart setup:

step 1: Open your trading platform.

step 2:Go to indicators.

step 3:Click on bolinger band and set it as it is.

now you should see your chart like this:

bollinger band setup

Voila!! you have just setup your chart. Now it is time to apply the strategy.

Strategy rules:

Rule number 1:We will only look for market when it is out of the lower or upper bollinger bands.

Rule number 2:Wait for a opposit color candle .

Rule number 3: Place your trade in the direction of the opposit color candle.

Rule number 4:Hold your trade untill the next candle closes.

Now,lets break it down with practical examples

Call option example:

condition 1:market is outside of bollinger band.

call option

condition 2:we have a green candle or you can call it opposite color candle.

Condition 3: After seeing this candle we can place a call option.

As you can see if you placed a call option you would win the trade.

Put option exaple:

condition 1: Market should be out of the bollinger bands.

Condition 2: We have a opposit color candle.

after seeing this we will place put option and as you can see after the red candle there is another red candle which would give us a big win.

remember:Set the expire time equal as your current timeframe.For example if you are trading 5 minute chart set the expire time 5 minute.

Live trade example:

look at the big win:

Great, Now you have just learnt one of the pro traders secret weapons. Join now and apply this strategy and make a killing.

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